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Full Resume

Jamie Michael Albert



I am looking for a writing position where I can utilize both my wide variety of writing and musical experience: from over 20 years of working in the entertainment journalism field for both radio stations and print/web magazines, along with the documentary film industry, which included shooting independently for both online magazines, music videos for bands, and documentaries for local artists. This, along with my 25 years experience as a local musician myself: both as a constant concert and club-goer often working as a music journalist, and as a local performing musician with a bevy of groups and bands playing a wide variety of genres, performing in many clubs, taverns and small to mid-level venues, busking, recording both in and out of the studio, and recently taking music broadcasting into my own hands by creating and operating a local radio station.





Entertainment journalism began in 1997 for radio. Have worked as freelance & contracted journalist and staff writer for both radio, print and web, at peak handling up to 5+ stories per day based on deadlines. Have created and wrote own designed assignments per approval. Assignments throughout career have required both web research and active field researching and reviewing. Can type at 60 wpm+

Extensive researcher, self-titled amateur/;moderate musicologist – have researched in depth history of music genres and their pioneers, including musicians/bands, record labels, producers & engineers throughout, etc.


Other broadcasting industry skills range from areas such as before mentioned FM broadcasting as entertainment journalist to FM broadcasting engineer, DJ and director.


Knowledge and experience in sound recording, specifically audio recording for music including mixing, production and engineering for bands, distribution, as well as for FM broadcasting – (refer to above, i.e. including both engineering, and most other station operations).


BA in Film/Video, extensive knowledge and experience in Film/Video as freelance documentarian and contracted videographer for web production, music videos, and independent documentarian shooting. Director of one local award winning documentary short and many others.

Can write in HTML, and knowledge of both current Mac and PC Operating systems. Extensive IT knowledge.

Licensed PTIN Tax Preparer. Bookkeeping, legal and tax skills.– extensive knowledge of corporate and individual taxes..


Cursory knowledge of real estate via working for MLSNI and as bookkeeper and preparer of legal documents working under a sub-contracting construction corporation..

Extensive knowledge of union and labor rights including history, organizing, as well as community organizing from canvassing to community, political and grassroots organizing for many social justice groups and organizations.

Additional skills include: polite-spoken Spanish and intermediate interpretation as 2nd Language.


Former Arcade Technician; corrected circuit boards for upright arcade machines (on job training), which furthered later IT knowledge. Cyclist repairing and building (on job training)




Joliet Direct Homeless Assistance: Joliet, IL
December 2015- Present


Co-Founder and director of non-profit business serving local homeless and impoverished population through both monetary donations and donations of clothing, personal products, etc. Hold and advertise local events for homeless that offer them clothing, blankets, linens, tents, personal items, referral information, including other services we provide such as transportation to and from work, and assistance in acquiring identification – crucial and difficult in Illinois once homeless. Work with volunteers, sponsors and donators.


Freelance Writer


Accept certain jobs, for instance, ranging from, large, editorialized style advertisements for dining and concierge businesses such as Jameson’s Pub & Restaurant, Chicago Street Pub, Niko’s Restaurant & other concierge based businesses for advertisement/production in local newspapers and magazines. Previously have done paid literary based and review work for, now, a subversive multimedia site with a wide variety of underground topics surrounding sexuality. Ceased submissions when zine changed formats and content focus coinciding with change from sexwrecks to mrskin.


Grey Goo Inc. Naperville, IL

April 2015 to November 2015


Reviewed and edited literary and technical content for client e-Books, and setup online accounts for production with Google and Apple – posted said e-books. Provided social networking assistance to both company and clients: Partially responsible for assisting in company’s online presence specific to social networking.


Launch Digital Marketing Chicago, IL

Contracted Writer

February 2013 – March 2015


Assigned feeder stories for client web based magazines such as Concierge Preferred, Timeout Chicago, and other concierge based Chicagoland magazines. Assigned on average 350 word minimum stories, up to 5 per day, 5 to 6 days per week at peak, based on public interest concierge topics.

After some time with company was given creative control to create and write own assignments (with supervisor approval).

Pocket Guide from Hell Social Reenactments
Assistant Tour Guide, Co-Lecturer & Musician within “Hobohemia” reenactments
August 2010 – May 2014


Co-Lecturer, assistant tour guide and musician during bus and walking tours and classroom lectures regarding early history of Industrial and Craft Unionism, Labor Rights, and history of migrant workers (“Hobos”) and “West Madison Stem” and its subculture in early 20th century, including Ben Reitman’s Hobo College.
Lectured and performed on walking tours, at the University of Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, and Newberry Library courses on relative subjects. Acted mainly as music performer and lectured on the traditions and lineage of relative music. Also performed and lectured at special events at different venues relative to the “Hobohemia” project, such as at Hungry Brain, The Hideout, site of original “Dil Pickle Club,” Hobo Fest” in Pullman neighborhood, Hyde Park community and college collectives such as sHop, etc.


A.C.O.R.N. Denver, CO
Head Community and Political Organizer
July 2008 – November 2008

Temporary relocation to Denver: Employed during election time and part of overall effort to defeat anti-union amendments on Colorado ballot. Put in charge of voting experiment that analyzed demographics vs. voting trends working remotely but closely with Harvard University Department of Political Science on data collection, organization, and analysis.

Trained canvass leaders and incoming organizers, oriented new applicant canvassers in boardroom setting, made hiring decisions, handled new employee paperwork and payroll setup, also trained new incoming canvassers in boardroom setting. Trained employee recruiters. Managed and recorded daily canvasser data at closing. Worked 12 -14 hours per day 6-7 days per week for over 4 and ½ months during Colorado State (and Federal) elections. Left organization shortly after relocation back to Chicago due to dissolution of organization.


A.C.O.R.N. Chicago, IL
Head Community and Political Organizer
November 2007 – July 2008


Assembled and organized local community group comprised of citizens in designated Humboldt Park territory and trained members to autonomy, beginning with teaching general assembly/meeting skills and ideals, and direct action skills such as but not limited to becoming acquainted with and acting as liaison to city officials/alderperson(s), electing chairperson(s) within community the group, and assembling and executing larger neighborhood community meetings and organizing rallies when necessary. Trained citizens in researching local district’s political make-up and working within and outside of that structure.

Also assisted in setup of new A.C.O.R.N. local office and management of open house community events. Participated in and lead direct action rallies fighting predatory lending practices by local banks. Oriented and trained incoming canvassers and organizers and attended local non-profit conventions and ACORN national convention. Assisted other co-organizers on community projects.


Emerge Digital / Publishing Dynamics

Email-Marketing Technician, Trainer and Producer

October 2005 – March 2007

Responsible for in-house email-marketing software support “ReachMail” and its clients. Trained clients on software from one-on-one basis to group training, both of which were in boardroom environments and webinars, training up to 10+ clients simultaneously and fielding any and all questions during and after traingin. Also composed html and wrote/edited content for monthly and weekly email newsletters for Timeout Chicago and other clients.


Tax Pros of Chicago, Chicago IL
Manager and Lisenced Tax Preparer
Tax Seasons 2003 - 2009


Responsible for monitoring the work of 3-5 Tax Preparers, running tax office including scheduling and other managerial duties, and preparing more complex returns.


Freelance Documentarian, Chicago, IL
2003 – 2010

Shot, produced and directed several music videos for local and out-of-town bands, including “Pop-is-Art,” Philadelphia, PA. Shot and produced web video review for Construction Equipment Magazine (Reed Business Inc – Fortune 500 Corporation). Shot and produced other videos and documentaries, including film for “Deus Ex Machina: Machines Making Art;” an acclaimed Chicago annual gallery event, and award winning short “She”


Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) Chicago, IL
Testing Administrator
August 2005 – October 2005


Underwent training for and administered ESL (English Second Language) tests to Spanish and Polish speaking population on Elementary and Junior High School Level. Logged students’ results and worked with supervisor and colleagues on all professional levels.


Publishing Dynamics – Naperville & Aurora, IL
Office Manager/Bookkeeper, Tax Preparer & IT professional
May 2001 – April 2005


Bookkeeping for all billing, receiving, and all expenses and payments. Generated and logged all payroll and produced P&L statements and expense reports. bank deposits Prepared all corporate quarterly state taxes, payroll taxes, and corporate income taxes
IT specialist – built PCs, wired Ethernet in two different offices, managed server backups at remote site. Conducted any and all internet and other research as needed according to assignments. Worked remotely and on location.


Illinois Peace Action Chicago, IL
Canvasser, Representative, and newsletter copy editor

September 2000 to May 2001

Door to door canvasser during membership drives for grassroots social justice organization. Represented Chicago, Illinois office at rallies, debates, and annual Peace Action convention of 2000 in Washington D.C.. Copy editor for monthly Chicago Peace Action newsletter.


DWG Construction, Chicago, IL
Office Manager/Bookkeeper
October 199-September 2000


Executed payroll, prepared legal documents between the seller, purchaser, and construction company – Logged all receiving and outgoing payments using Quickbooks and prepared P&L statements, expense reports, etc.f


Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinoi )Lisle, IL
Real Estate Database Technician
May 1999 –October 1999


Monitored Real Estate Agent listings in private database for quality control. Contacted agents on day-to-day basis directly. Worked with other departments on all professional levels.


Printing Press of Joliet, Crest Hill, IL
Bindery Assistant
1998 – 2005


Various as needed casual labor, Casual Labor bindery work for local print shop as needed


WPCD Champaign, IL

Disc Jockey

January 1998 to May 1998


Disc Jockey for local station: operated off of station playlist and own selections. Responsible for station identification, song introductions, and monitoring call-in line and taking local requests.


WPGU Champaign, IL
Entertainment Journalist

September 1997 to May 1999

Assembled radio-spots based on self-assigned stories created by seeking local music, comedy, theatrical and other entertainment based events. Assembled live interviews with own written narration for radio play.





BA Ethnographic Documentary Film & Video

Columbia College Chicago



Studied Philosophy (Major) & Liberal Arts w/Sociology Minor
University of Illinois Champaign Urbana


Licensed Tax Preparer (PTIN Holder with IRS)
Training via Tax Pros of Chicago

2003 (including updated training as applicable, 2003-2008)


CPR Certified and Trained and certified in Narcon/Nalaxone administration
2002 Chicago Recovery Alliance





Annually invited speaker by Newberry Library board to speak at The Bughouse Square Debates held in Washington Square Park

Founder/Director/Engineer &/operator – WJRR (Joliet Radical Radio – 90.3 Joliet, IL): Launched 24 hour non-profit community 50 watt 24 hour radio station, 5+ mile circular radius.

Assisted in engineering technical setup and launch of other small community radio station WBU, Joliet, IL

Former Press Registrant for “Action Figures” – Registered press members for various
conventions at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois

Opened program and performed traditional labor songs in front of crowd of approximately 1K people for opening of Illinois Historical Society ceremony at Haymarket Square in 2012, re-honoring the historical monument with new plaque and a reenactment of Haymarket Massacre (see Pocket Guide to Hell)

Documentary Film “She” (Director) awarded “Best Documentary Short from New Contributor” in annual Underground Chicago Punk Film Festival 2004


Former member of local performing Improvisational Comedy Troupe


Wikipedia member and contributor, researcher, and contributor to other online wikis and blogs, regular reviewer of music, products, services, etc. on web

Former annual invited administrator at English Language and Literature Conference (ELL) at University of St. Francis 1997 – 2003

Awarded several salesman awards when working as Door-to-door salesman for Alarm One in 1999

Self-taught musician and former member of local performing and recording local bands for over 20 years, as well as solo performing & recording musician, performing at low-end venues and some larger venues such as The hideout, The Underground Lounge, The Hungry Brain, etc. Busker in variety of locations including subway and street musician

Recorded in both professional sound studios and DIY.

Self-taught sound-recording audio technician – recorded, mixed, engineered, produced, mastered & released for DIY distribution of demos and LPs for own bands and others using both analog and digital equipment. Continue to work on newer and older recordings.


Former Soundman and DJ for several local performances

Regular small and large concert goer and reviewer for over 25 years for web and print zines, blogs and magazines


Former Cyclist and professional Bicycle Mechanic, worked at 5 different shops repairing,
building, selling, and renting bicycles throughout 1996 and 2001. Former regular
participant in Chicago Critical Mass Cycle events and participated in creating new
Critical Mass Bike Ride chapter

Former Volunteer at Food Not Bombs and assisted in creating a new chapter


Former Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity – Roofer

Former Volunteer for Big Brothers and Big Sisters – Construction member &
performance in children’s Halloween events


Former Volunteer at nursing homes, performing music and entertaining residents

Former voluntary assistant of several colleagues with social networking, annual business tax preparation, bookkeeping, etc.

Build websites using both design and HTML code for both professional needs and hobbies and for colleagues  


Collect guitars, archaic film equipment, records and other media.

Constantly updating and creating new self published work in the form of novels, short stories, essays, songs, and poetry





Hillary S. Marzec
Chicago Walking Tours
Former Colleague and Supervisor
Phone avail. upon request


Fred Sharmovich
Former Supervisor – Launch Digital Marketing

David Albert
Former Supervisor – Emerge Digital, Grey Goo Media
Phone avail. upon request


Paul Durica
Former Supervisor & Colleague
Pocket Guide to Hell / Hobohemia Tours
Phone available upon request.






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